Apprenticeship Training & WILP for Corporate

hireED Corporate

hireED specializes in understanding the ever-evolving business needs and customizing education to prepare a pool of working professionals and fresh talented individuals to help solve the problem of attrition. Augmenting the learning curve for the employees is one of the finest ways to make their skills marketable.

hireED prominently works for providing high-end solutions for shaping and driving the strategic development of the organization. It is one stop for your company to enhance end to end nourishment of your workforce with the overall aim of.

hireED Apprenticeship Training
Increased employee productivity, employability of your workforce
Employee Retention
higher retention, engagement, and loyalty of your workforce
hireED Upskilling programs
leading to higher profits andlower costs

hireED offers clear insights into the best practices for academic progression and solutions are a fine blend of providing

Upskilling programs
Upskilling programs and degrees with tech enablement at the core.
Corporate Training
Industry-specific training from UGC-approved universities
Work Based Learning
Blended, sector-specific skills upgrades led by practitioners and companies themselves, aided by world-class academicians
Work Integrated Learning Programs
Value-added Programs and strategies for the HR and managers of the company on ways to retain employees.
Motivation and incentives in terms of 0 interest loans for programs
hireED Work Integrated Learning Programs
LMS and online hybrid mode services
Apprenticeship Training
Apprenticeship and work-integrated learning programs
hireED Work Based Learning

hireED is an apt education platform aiding holistic career growth and rise in corporate ranks, without leaving job/loss of pay, at the best cost along with unmatched exposure and lucrative future welfare benefits.

At the next level, it can be made into an end-to-end edtech-screening-interviewing-short listing-hiring- nourishment-retention company.

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