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hireED business empowering solutions for higher growth and expansion

hireED enables organisations to meet their workforce needs and makes them future ready by upskilling them. We transform businesses by understanding talent gaps and designing learning solutions that explicitly help meet the growth objectives. With workforce agility at the core of its solutions, hireED designs programs that instantly match the ever-evolving needs of businesses.

Online Higher Education


Our vision is to become the go-to provider for Industry-specific learning experiences that lead to improved employability outcomes. We want to be known for our expertise in designing and implementing programs that fit each individual learner's needs.


Our mission is to support learners in achieving their learning goals, corporate in retraining and upskilling their existing and new employees, and academic institutes in improving their reach.

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Core Values

hireED implements a code of ethics and business conduct that are essential to maintain the success of the company. Our foundation of core values is intrinsic in nature and followed in everyday life. Our core values are:

Employee Retention


We believe in honesty and select the track of integrity in all our business transactions and dealings with others.

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We have a commitment to excellence and strive to continuously improvise.

Employee Skill Development


We act ethically in all business contexts.

hireED Corporate Training Programs


We work together as a team to maximize productivity and efficiency.

hireED Online Higher Education


We comply with all regulations, laws, and policies that administer our business as well as employees' actions in the name of the company.

hireED Tech Platform


Innovation is our forte and we seek creative approaches to service providing and problem-solving.

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